The Bloomington Towing Services Market Is Heading into a Consolidation Phase. Or Is It?

The Bloomington towing services market is a very vibrant, highly dynamic market that is now heading into a consolidation phase; that is the considered opinion of Edward Preston, Sydney Lavoisier, and Richard Anderson.

Preston, Lavoisier and Anderson are the senior editors of Indiana Automotive News & Inquiry, one of the leading automotive service magazines in the Hoosier state.

Recently Indiana Automotive News & Inquiry did an in-depth study of the towing services market in Bloomington, which has in recent years been growing with great rapidity. And that was one of the leading takeaways of the study: the Bloomington towing services market, after going through a period of extremely rapid growth and diversification, is now heading into a consolidation phase.


But is it really? That was the question that we at Free2 Professional Commentary asked ourselves.

Free2 Professional Commentary, of course, has often been called the leading gadfly organization in the entire state of Indiana.

We appreciate such sentiments but don’t really care if we are the leading gadfly organization or not.

All that we are concerned about is the fact that we are indeed a gadfly organization. Our job is to look at the news from a wide spectrum of different, and apparently unrelated, sources, and comment on that news—to jab at it, strike at it, and see if we can tease a little bit more truth from it.

We comment on political news, on religious news, on corporate news, health news, and on and on and on.

As all our readers know, we take unexpected points of view, unpopular points of view, and even what many would claim are unnecessary points of view.

And our point of view on the news recently reported by Edward Preston, Sydney Lavoisier, and Richard Anderson of the Indiana Automotive News & Inquiry is precisely and exactly opposed to it. We believe that the Bloomington towing services market is not heading for a consolidation phase. We believe that it is most definitely entering a phase of even greater diversification.

We have many reasons for coming to the conclusion. We will begin to outline those reasons, one by one, in tomorrow’s post.